Last Minute Califonia Adventure

Life with my recovering anxiety-ridden wife can be interesting; you see since seeking treatment for her anxiety she has gone from a woman plagued by details and planning to a carefree and whimsical creature who will spring a family vacation on you at the drop of a hat. I have found the transition to be unnerving at times, but only in contrast to the life I had grown accustom to. I have quickly learned to just roll with things and I am adapting to being the new voice of reason.

This time my lovely wife (and I) decided to spring our first visit to Disneyland/California Adventure on the family, and we did so without warning at about 3am. We had a marvelous time and, really for a trip planned out in only a few hours, it went quite smoothly with no real hiccups.

While at California Adventure we found out that family friend Dom Alfano (Dead Man’s Gear/The Riot District) was landing that day in the area for a west coast paintball event and was able to meet up with us at the park for part of the day.  As both part of the plan and a happy accident, my sister’s husband (Joshua Longo of Longoland) happened to be temporarily living near the ocean in Long Beach and we were able to pay him a visit for one night.

Most of the photos I took this weekend were of the family memory variety, but I think I’ll have a few to share here.

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