Super Moon 2013

Tonight was the somewhat annual  “Super Moon” and I actually remembered to get out and shoot it while I could.

The super moon is really just a visual phenomenon, it occurs when a full moon (or a new moon) coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, because of the full status of the moon and it’s proximity to the Earth the apparent visual size of the lunar disk can seem exponentially larger depending on where on Earth you are viewing it from. The occurrence of a super moons is about once every 14 full moons in a full moon cycle; the next expected super moon should be August 10, 2014. The super moon is not astronomical occurrence, since it is really just a matter of our own visual perception, but it’s pretty damned cool and can make for some fine moon photos.

Unfortunately, the weather was not necessarily on my side, but I was able to snap a few descent shots.

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