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A Date With The Butterflies

My wife planned a surprise day-date for us while the boys were in school. She took me to Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ to take photos of the pretty insects amongst the lovely flowers that they have there. She followed that up with a planned-impromptu picnic on the grounds and a good time together. It […]

Train Yards & Wild Flowers

I had an appointment this morning, but then nothing on my schedule for the until I pick up my kids after school. What’s a guy with a camera and few hours to kill to do; take the road less traveled and shoot the things he always says he would if he just had his camera […]

Hazy Super Moon [06.23.2013]

Super Moon 2013

Tonight was the somewhat annual  “Super Moon” and I actually remembered to get out and shoot it while I could. The super moon is really just a visual phenomenon, it occurs when a full moon (or a new moon) coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, because of the […]

The Daily Grind [10.13.2013]

Last Minute Califonia Adventure

Life with my recovering anxiety-ridden wife can be interesting; you see since seeking treatment for her anxiety she has gone from a woman plagued by details and planning to a carefree and whimsical creature who will spring a family vacation on you at the drop of a hat. I have found the transition to be […]