A Date With The Butterflies

My wife planned a surprise day-date for us while the boys were in school. She took me to Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ to take photos of the pretty insects amongst the lovely flowers that they have there. She followed that up with a planned-impromptu picnic on the grounds and a good time together.

It was a great afternoon for a date; due to the season and the time of day the butterfly greenhouse was bereft of the usual crowds. This scarcity of gawkers made capturing photos of the butterflies much more enjoyable. My lovely wife took her own photos as well. When she wasn’t taking pictures she waited patiently for me with a smile and and perhaps an admiring look in her eye while I often slowly waited for that right moment or painstakingly setup multiple-focus macro shots, to later composite together.

Any day is a good day to take photos at a place like Butterfly Wonderland, but this day was special and perfect. Thanks, Cutie!

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